Ultrasound Credentials

Process of EMUS training v1

Process of EMUS training

The proposed process of EMUS training, certification and revalidation is set out in Figure 1. Initial candidate contact will be through online registration for the online test allowing inclusion in the database.

As candidates progress successfully through the pathway, results will be fed back to the database by the course centre allowing the different registration levels.

Registration levels will be (see figure 1):

1. Registration, pre‐test
2. Registration, online test completed
3. Registration, course completed
4. Registration and certification for independent practice
5. Registration, trainer
6. Registration and certification for independent practice: grandparent clause
7. Deregistered, lapse of retesting

Except in the event of the grandparent clause used in order to register for independent practice, candidates must progress step‐wise from registration level one to four in order to register and certify for independent practice.

Should a candidate be nominated by an existing trainer, the candidate will progress to registration level five.

The process of registration by means of the grandparent clause is discussed in the proposed policy document.

CEMSA – Emergency Ultrasound Subcommittee: COLLEGE OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE OF SA

  • Credentialing for Emergency Ultrasound – EMERGENCY ULTRASOUND POLICY