Wilderness and Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa

Wilderness Emergency Medicine Society South AfricaWilderness Medicine is a diverse collection of knowledge applied in extremely resource limited settings away from dedicated medical facilities.  Its’ principles are applied in times of natural disaster, social unrest, expedition emergencies, aeromedical evacuation and other austere environments.

South Africa has a unique mix of such environments as well a highly sophisticated medical system, making it a very fertile environment for the advancement of Wilderness Medicine.  The study of Wilderness Medicine includes:

The Wilderness Emergency Medicine Society is a Special Interest Group of the Emergency Medical Society of South Africa.  It was established to assistant South Africa wilderness medicine practitioners to advance their knowledge and achieve recognition thereof.

The objectives of WEMSSA are to:

  1. Establish a professional forum for the recognition and advancement of wilderness medical professionals;
  2. Provide accredited training in wilderness medicine for its members;
  3. Encourage the accreditation of its members through the Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicineby partnering with the Wilderness Medical Society;
  4. Advocate for Wilderness Medical Professionals and their patients in the various health and governance forums;
  5. Review international wilderness medical protocols and endorse or amend them as appropriate for the South African context;
  6. Develop, fund and conduct research into the locally relevant topics of wilderness medicine;
  7. Establish a framework to support and promote the publication of peer reviewed wilderness medicine literature produced by South African practitioners;