About Us

EMSSA represents a group of enthusiastic healthcare professionals dedicated to the development of quality emergency care throughout South Africa. Emergency Medicine has only recently been recognized as an independent speciality, although this country has always had a large burden of patients presenting to our pre-hospital and hospital emergency services with experienced and passionate personnel rendering much needed care.

These are truly exciting times for everyone involved with emergency care. Have a look at our website for recent developments and to see how you can become more involved.

Our Objectives

To develop and promote emergency care through teaching, training and education
To promote the speciality of emergency medicine
To advocate for emergency care in South Africa
To lobby on behalf of members of the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa for the promotion of and maintenance of the profession

Current Exco

Chairperson: Melanie Stander – chair@emssa.org.za

Vice Chairperson: Roger Dickerson – roger.dickerson@wits.ac.za

Secretary and Treasurer: Mande Toubkin – mtoubkin@netcare.co.za

Executive Members

Jean Augustyn – jean.augustyn@mediclinic.co.za

Petra Brysiewicz – brysiewiczp@ukzn.ac.za

Heike Geduld – heikegeduld@yahoo.com

Martin Botha – mbotha@vodamail.co.za

Mike Wells – mike@casualty.co.za

Steve Holt – steveH@erconsulting.co.za

Lee Wallis – leewallis@bvr.co.za

Michele Twomey – michele@emssa.org.za